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Smells amazing and does wonderful things for ezcema and break out prone skin. It cleans very effectively while not stripping or damaging skin.
Really awesome

CBD Rich (3:1) Cannabis Oil

Great product. Nice, earthy taste. And delivered quickly. WIll buy again.

Kratom (Green)
Wayne Berger
Excellent supplement

I call this a supplement, because I only take it as needed. I use it for social anxiety. Just half a teaspoon or a flat teaspoon on an empty stomach before a social event. It's quite a miracle plant, actually. It's very bitter, so you may want to mix it into a bit of fruit juice, but I just mix it with some water.

Mood Magick
Amanda Baldwin
Unbelievably delicious

This is the most delicious drink and I am so excited to see it is back in stock. I add it to my coffee to make it last longer but so good on its own especially first thing in the morning to set you up for the day.


This is an amazing product. I use it for everything. Thank you so much Tom for packing my products I buy from you guys with a lot of love. I appreciate that so much. Much love Joan ❤️

Kratom (Green)
Rebecca Benker von Rehn

this is my first experience with Kratom, I am testing different colore & strains , so far all are doing what they are promising, very delighted effects, these days I`m taking the green for some hip pain reliefe ! works so well, no medication needed and in a very good , uplifting mood all day !
CB is just fabulous,. shipping is always speedy and so far all products are wonderful quality & working as promised ! thank you

Canna Salve - Excellent Product and Service

I have used this product for several years and find it excellent for relief of joint pain which is a side effect of certain medication.
My wife uses it for ease of pain in hands from knitting.
A neighbour uses it for ease of back pain left after a back operation.

Great quality, got a surprise gift, thank you.
The aftertaste is not as strong as the others I tried, this tastes better. It is pure and not mixed with other ingredients.


best quality sea-moss available in SA

Amazing plant

Loving the plant so far. As with all of these medicines, use it wisely. Don't overdo it. Give your body a couple of days in between to reset for best effect.

Thanks for bringing these plants to market.


The information is so rich.I have been looking for such information and I am super excited got what I needed

Rich Emerald-Green Powerhouse

Beautiful fine powder delivered with a personal touch from the Bazaar team, thank you :)

Positive effects

I haven't finished all the caps yet but so far I've had a positive experience. I feel that it has slightly improved my emotional awareness. Difficult as it is to describe, I'm starting to feel "better". It is a gradual thing so one should be patient and not expect a sudden difference.

Plant Medicine Magic

My whole adult family is benefiting from the micro dosing. It’s been two weeks now and we are all experiencing positive shifts. I am personally connecting very intentionally, and experiencing great support from the precious mushies as I do my inner work and self discovery. Self awareness enhancing and stress reducing are two of the key benefits I am enjoying immensely. Recommending and sharing with those who seek plant medicine. Thank you Cosmic Bazaar and thank you Pachamama ❤️🌈🐉🌟

Gentle and relaxing

No psychotropic effects, this product worked gently and I felt very relaxed. However, I keep waking up in the early hours of the morning, so I don't stay asleep using this. It's not a waste, though; I'll just repurpose it as a little something to take when I'm very stressed.

Not for me

I usually leave rave reviews for CosmicBazaar's products, but this is the first time that a product does nothing for me, even at higher dosages.

Off antidepressants instead microdosing

These are absolutely amazing, I was on fluoxetine for years, weaned myself off while simultaneously starting too microdose, had no withdrawal symptoms (unlike previous attempts without microdosing), now I am only microdosing and it works wonders for depression and anxiety. So grateful to be off the pharmaceutical stuff.

Great service and packaging

Wow! My cocoa butter arrived quickly within a few days of ordering, and I was super happy to find zero-waste packaging. The only thing that had to go into landfill was the courier's sticker on the front of the cardboard flyer bag. Their communication was also efficient and friendly. All in all, a great experience from start to finish.

Mystical Mushrooms

Great product to add to a smoothie. Brings a sense of calm, well-being and focus. The Cosmic Bazaar team are amazing. They make you feel so special, because they genuinely care. Highly recommend their products.

Mushroom Microdosing Kit
Lourens Engelbrecht
A Kind of Magic

Your mushrooms are lifesavers and so much better than pharmaceuticals. I will most definitely try your other products as well. Thank you, much appreciated!

Better than antidepressants

This plant is a life changer for me. Been on lots of different types of antidepressants. Due to all the side effects of it and lack of understandings from doctor's I've decided to go green. Now I eat less. My mood is better and I'm slowly getting of the depressants. Yes I see the warnings of Kratom. But It cannot be compared to the warning of the depressants. Anyone willing to look at the small paper in your depressant box.... Look at all the warnings then compare apples with apples. Everything can be dangerous if abused. Kratom gets my vote 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks Cosmic Bazaar 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

San Pedro Microdose

After taking San Pedro I felt so grounded I felt peace and calmness , my focus improved so much . No more over thinking just getting one thought at a time . What a powerful yet calm plant . Honestly life changing. Best thing that’s happened to me this year. Thank you comic bazaar ❤️🙏

Quite amazing

Only dipped my toe in these waters out of curiosity but pleasantly surprised. This product gives me a sense of calmness yet I am wide awake and have a clear mind. Can't wait to try all your other great products on my journey.

Sceletium Extract
Life changing

I love this so much i just received my second order , it’s helped me have conversations with family and friends without feeling anxious I struggled with anxiety for the longest time but not anymore, I no longer feel the need to drink alcohol that was just a bonus i only wanted it for anxiety I didn’t know it was going to also help get over my wine addiction 😁🙈 am happy I love the cosmic bazaar . Everything I’ve bought from them has done exactly what it promises. Ps don’t take too much or else you will feel 🤢🥴

I don’t know if I was more excited about the package itself or that my name was written with the prettiest heart ❤️the blue lotus itself provides amazing and clear dreams as promoted and the most euphoric and calming feeling. I definitely felt the love and magic added by the cosmic bazaar team. I appreciate it greatly