Our Social Enterprise & NGO

Cosmic Bazaar is a social enterprise and registered NPC, based in South Africa
A social enterprise is a hybrid between a NGO/NPC (Non-Profit Company) and a Ptd Ltd company.

Since our inception in 2017, our core as always been our ethos and mission.
We're here to shift the way business is done, from ego-centric capitalism to eco-centric community.

Our primary way of doing business is by selling products that are sourced from other micro-enterprises, small scale farmers and suppliers that align with our ethos.
We have our own small business incubator whereby we help support and fund people and their products, all the way from the idea, to getting it onto our platform to the public.
It's also common for us to assist those that already have a product, and need it distributed and marketed to customers, often easier said than done.

Give a man a fish and you feed him one meal. Teach him to fish and he can feed himself for many meals.

This proverb is often how we've seen our social enterprises' mission. To provide  and empower people with their own income - from their own passion and creative ability, channeled into their products and small business. (Sometimes these small business don't stay small, there's a whole world out there waiting for beautiful products, made with love and care)

We're excited to be almost constantly on-boarding new micro-businesses and their creators products. And most of them our a total success on our platform!

May we continue to grow and evolve with our community, creating a network of lovingly made products that can further help those that buy them.

Blessings and kind regards,
The Cosmic Bazaar Social Enterprise Team