Jobs & Opportunities

We're currently at full capacity in the Cosmic Mothership ... but opportunities come to those who seek them.


We're open and keen to work with the right people in the following aspects:

Markets & Festivals

We don't have too much time on our hands to do craft markets or festivals these days, but still love them so much and find they're a great way to connect with people and market our products and ethos directly to the public.

If you have some free time on your hands, generally over weekends, and have your own transport and a sense of excitement for people, holistic health and learning more - then reach out to us and let us know your plan. We've got some cool systems to help you become your own reseller of our products, even if starting really small scale, it's how we started after all!

Email us at

Sales repping

Our team is mostly introverts, and we don't often leave the deep south of Cape Town...but there's a whole world out there waiting to discover us and our epic range. Whilst we're not in a position to hire a full time sales rep, we may be keen on bringing on somebody that can work on a commission basis. We've mostly got Cape Town covered in terms of our stockists, but the rest of the country and world is still waiting for the right person to join the team.
A sales background is recommended, even if that means your hustling lemonade on the side walk. Your own transport is also rather essential. Keen? Email us at