All over! It's always our priority to source from as local, small scale and organic as possible.
If unfortunately we're not able to source small scale, we're always on the look out for a better source that's closer to home.
Whilst local is always lekker, sometimes it's just not possible and we either import ourselves or get the product from a local supplier that we trust.
We've had many of our suppliers for years, and have developed good relationships with them.
We try mention on each prouct where it's sourced from.
If you know someone growing something awesome, or have a lead in the right direction, please let us know!

Honestly, it's mostly by chance and pure synchronicity. Often one our team happen to stumble upon an amazing creation, or an interest sparks us to look for a product. Most of this comes from pure passion and it really just works itself.

All our products are curated to make sure they suit our ethos and other products, that they all compliment each other rather than confuse us with similar ingredients or uses.

If you have a suggestion or even create something of your own, feel free to reach out and perhaps we'd be interested in stock it :)