for Stress & Anxiety

The modern world causes us to be in an almost non-stop flight or fight response (Ie. Stress) - we've tailored the best stress & anxiety relievers that can help restore calm, to the chaos.

Taken daily, or even on the fly, these plant medicines help support a healthy nervous system and stress response, enhancing a greater sense of calm and stillness amidst the chaos of modern day life.

Our top recommendations for keeping your Nervous System happy

Our Top Pick:


Promoting overall wellbeing with stress relieving and uplifting properties, Sceletium can be used a rescue remedy for those hectic days, or as a daily supplement.

Chill out with CBD

Cannabis has great relaxing properties, calming the mind, relaxing the body, keeping us in homeostasis.

Relax with Reishi

The queen of mushrooms, a mood booster, harmoniser of hormones, and nervous system relaxer.

Ashwagandha & Botanicals

These ancient plant plant allies help regulate and calm our nervous system.