Mushroom Microdosing Kit

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Newly designed Mushroom Microdosing Kits now available!

We've overhauled our microdose kits with brand new packaging!
You'll now find all our microdosing capsules in 100% paper tubes, along with our beautifully designed artwork that we've been working on for many months!
We're so happy to share this big step with you, as we evolve & expand our core range of plant & mushroom medicines ♡


Our beautiful microdosing packs have been mindfully and carefully created with locally & organically grown ingredients - made with lots of love and care.

Starter pack has 5 x 100mg capsules and 5 x 50mg capsules. Great to get started and see which dosage works for you!
50mg pack has 20 gently dosed capsules (0.05g each capsule). Good for sensitive people or those that want a very gentle dose.
100mg pack has 20 moderately dosed capsules (0.1g each capsule). Slightly higher dosage, double check you don't feel this dose too strongly before microdosing.

Medical mushrooms excel at improving neuroplasticity, creating new neural pathways, and helping to heal broken links between the mind, body and soul. Microdosing can have profound effects on repairing and rebuildings these links, which can really help treat many different ailments - from severe wounds and trauma, to anxiety, stress, depression, and pain.

Microdosing mushrooms involves taking small, sub-perceptual doses of mushrooms on a regular schedule, typically every few days or once a week. While the research on the effects of microdosing mushrooms is still limited, some people report the following benefits:

  1. Improved creativity: Some people report increased creativity and enhanced problem-solving abilities while microdosing mushrooms.

  2. Reduced anxiety and depression: Microdosing mushrooms has been reported to improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  3. Increased focus and productivity: Some users report increased focus, productivity, and a greater sense of clarity while microdosing mushrooms.

  4. Improved social skills: Microdosing mushrooms has been reported to enhance social skills and improve communication in some people.

  5. Enhanced spiritual experiences: Some users report a heightened sense of spirituality and a greater connection to nature while microdosing mushrooms.

It's important to note that while some people report positive effects from microdosing mushrooms, there are also potential risks and side effects. Please be sure to research before microdosing.

To find out more info on our Microdosing Kits, please contact us. There is also lots of info available online..


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Caleb Birch
Positive effects

I haven't finished all the caps yet but so far I've had a positive experience. I feel that it has slightly improved my emotional awareness. Difficult as it is to describe, I'm starting to feel "better". It is a gradual thing so one should be patient and not expect a sudden difference.

Lorin Leuci
Plant Medicine Magic

My whole adult family is benefiting from the micro dosing. It’s been two weeks now and we are all experiencing positive shifts. I am personally connecting very intentionally, and experiencing great support from the precious mushies as I do my inner work and self discovery. Self awareness enhancing and stress reducing are two of the key benefits I am enjoying immensely. Recommending and sharing with those who seek plant medicine. Thank you Cosmic Bazaar and thank you Pachamama ❤️🌈🐉🌟

Off antidepressants instead microdosing

These are absolutely amazing, I was on fluoxetine for years, weaned myself off while simultaneously starting too microdose, had no withdrawal symptoms (unlike previous attempts without microdosing), now I am only microdosing and it works wonders for depression and anxiety. So grateful to be off the pharmaceutical stuff.

Lourens Engelbrecht
A Kind of Magic

Your mushrooms are lifesavers and so much better than pharmaceuticals. I will most definitely try your other products as well. Thank you, much appreciated!

Deon Muller
Quite amazing

Only dipped my toe in these waters out of curiosity but pleasantly surprised. This product gives me a sense of calmness yet I am wide awake and have a clear mind. Can't wait to try all your other great products on my journey.

Mini Magic

Great product. Helps me with focus , calming the mind and anxiety.

Boniswa Khumalo
Restored my focus during stressful times

I bought these for my partner and I. We both love them. Our jobs and lives are very demanding and we both agreed that this deserves 5 stars (Well 10 stars from both him and I). This has no psychedelic effects, which is perfect. It lifts the brain hogg that I get sometimes. I am an artist and I couldn't get myself to finish any of my paintings for a while now. After starting microdosing I have finished 10 paintings in the past month. When I feel groggy, tired or in the middle of PMS, I take a capsule and I can handle the day with clarity and focus. You have our support. Anything that keeps me away from the big pharma is a win for me.