San Pedro Microdose

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San Pedro is an incredible plant to microdose with. San Pedro is a powerful anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. It greatly enhances focus and boosts positive emotional states and energy levels. It opens the heart centre and brings us into alignment with our higher selves and our emotions.

San Pedro, also known as Echinopsis pachanoi, is a cactus plant that is native to the Andes Mountains in South America. It has been used for thousands of years by indigenous communities for its potential medicinal and spiritual benefits. Here are some of the potential health benefits of San Pedro:

  1. Pain relief: San Pedro may have analgesic or pain-relieving properties, which can help reduce pain and inflammation in the body. It has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for headaches, muscle pain, and menstrual cramps.

  2. Anti-inflammatory properties: San Pedro contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation and swelling in the body. This may be beneficial for conditions such as arthritis, gout, and other inflammatory conditions.

  3. Blood sugar regulation: San Pedro may also have potential benefits for blood sugar regulation, and some studies have suggested that it may help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  4. Nausea relief: San Pedro has been traditionally used as a natural remedy for nausea and vomiting, and some research has suggested that it may be effective for reducing nausea and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

  5. Spiritual and psychological benefits: San Pedro has been used for thousands of years as a traditional medicine for its potential spiritual and psychological benefits. It is often used in traditional shamanic ceremonies for its ability to induce altered states of consciousness and promote spiritual insight and growth.

It's important to note that while San Pedro is generally considered safe and well-tolerated, it can be potentially dangerous if used improperly or consumed in large amounts. It may also interact with certain medications or cause side effects in some people. As with any new supplement or natural remedy, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before using San Pedro to determine if it is a safe and appropriate option for you.

Each capsule contains 300mg San Pedro dried powder.

Take one capsule, 4-5 days a week, then have a 2-3 day break before starting again.
Recommended to take for 2 months, after which stopping to re-evaluate and see your progress.

Customer Reviews

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Zak D
Amazing plant

Loving the plant so far. As with all of these medicines, use it wisely. Don't overdo it. Give your body a couple of days in between to reset for best effect.

Thanks for bringing these plants to market.

Not for me

I usually leave rave reviews for CosmicBazaar's products, but this is the first time that a product does nothing for me, even at higher dosages.


After taking San Pedro I felt so grounded I felt peace and calmness , my focus improved so much . No more over thinking just getting one thought at a time . What a powerful yet calm plant . Honestly life changing. Best thing that’s happened to me this year. Thank you comic bazaar ❤️🙏

Mandy Mulders

First day took after work to test and stayed awake and super busy till midnight feeling very productive and inspired.
Second day took in the morning and had some fab ideas at work withoit being high - everything was very much in fine focus and mentally sharper and definitely more articulate.
I have a feeling after the full course this will leave a permanent imprint - excellent! Thank you