Angel Balms - Crystal Energised Body and Soul Healing Balms

Angel Balms contain a healing blend of Essential Flower, Herb & Tree Oils and Butters, which are

Energized with Activated Crystals and Minerals , Colour Waves, Aromas, Angelic Archetypal Energy and Sacred Numerology .

The balms are Hand Crafted in the tranquil Outeniqua Mountains of Wilderness, along the Garden Route, in the Southern Cape of South Africa. This is the land where the wild elephants herds once roamed freely.

Prepared at a sacred site, they harness the energy created by the unique and harmonious convergence of healing frequencies, created by the Sea, Lakes, Indigenous Forests and Mountains, which are present and amplified in this area.

The Crystals and Minerals used to energize the balms are activated by the Earth, the Sunlight and the Moonlight, before their resonance is transferred into the balms.

A variety of mainly African and Madagascan Crystals and Minerals are used in this process, to create a Universal healing energy that can be of benefit to all.


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