Get set, Lift Off! Our relaunch is here!

Feb 23, 2023

New Look,
Same Spaceship.

Inspired by what has been and what is still to come...Here we are, unveiling our new logo and look.
With focus on remaining true to both our Cosmic & Bazaar elements, the core of who we are.

How much more bazaar can you get, running a full time business with 10 of your closest friends....navigating the ever-changing landscape and discovering first-hand what it means to run a conscious business- through love, kindness and community.

Tie all those dynamics in with a big leap forward in maturity and professionalism- as we each journey into these aspects of our own lives.
We feel this new logo sums up this balance perfectly. Staying true to our roots, while reaching for the stars of our unlimited potential.

From our earliest days in 2017, trading at local Cape Town craft markets & festivals, we've always been committed to putting people in touch with knowledge and products that engage toward a more harmonious & holistic lifestyle.

We've done this by focusing on our range of healing products - from our Cannabis Oil & Salves, our extensive Herbal & Mushroom Apothecary in collab with Aether, Superfoods and wholefoods, to our evolving portal of microdosing and entheogens.

Our focus on full spectrum and organic, small scale sourced products, has become a core element of our business. Once again to bring people closer to a more balanced harmony with nature.

Our New Website
Redesigned from the core

We've transformed our online portal to reflect these core principals, and done major upgrades with the latest, modern technology.

We've shifted things up to help users to find what they're looking for, whether it be medicine, food, household goods or any other of our holistic offerings.

You can now explore our site by Health Topics you're interested in, or discover exciting new products that have recently joined the Bazaar.

If you're like us and are keen to connect deeper to the businesses you're supporting, we have a new section dedicated to just this - learn more about who we are and what are ethos and mission is.


Look Out For Our New Products!

  • Dragon Culture
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Super Algae (1:1 Chlorella & Spirulina Blend)
  • Butterfly Pea Flowers & Powder
  • Superblend Smoothie Mixes!
    • Cacao Canyon
    • - Green Ravine
    • - Vanilla Breeze
    • - Berry Blossoms (coming soon)


Cosmic Calendar 2023

Stay connected & in tune with Nature's cycles and build a new awareness of the Moon with our very own Lunar Calendar!
Keep track of the New & Full Moons, and sync up with the interconnected rhythms of our Earth & Cosmos.
If you're wanting to learn more about astrology, this is the perfect introduction for you to keep track of what astrological sign the moon is in on these big Lunar shifts.

Free A5 Cosmic Calendar with every order! While stocks last.
Full A3 poster will be available soon for purchase.


Thank you!

We've come a lonnggg way since our inception in 2017...We're in awe looking back at the journey and all those that have supported us over the years.
We are truly grateful for our Cosmic Community and we wish you all the best with your year ahead!

Stay tuned for more epic Cosmic news as the weeks and months progress.

All our love,
The Cosmic Clan

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