Full Moon in Taurus

Nov 10, 2022

7 November we saw a Full moon &  Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

 Enter the Void!!

 The Taurus moon was covered in the shadow of Gaia while the sun continues to occupy the watery depths of Scorpio. Two lines of alignment hit the center stage with the north node of the moon in conjunction with Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, while Mercury, Venus, and the moon all square Saturn!

 Lunar eclipses help us reflect on our habits, the feelings and thoughts of our inner child, and our subconscious beliefs, resistances, fears, and insecurities. We are asked to shed our disguise. The ultimate mask is our own ego. The yoke of our existence is what gives our experience flavor and uniqueness—a lunar portal to step out of individual identity into collective syntropy. Psychology defines syntropy as "a wholesome association with another."

 For 1.5 years, the south node of the moon will be traveling through Scorpio.

This is a time of powerful shedding and the death of identity itself. Integration breeds unification. The moon squares Saturn, the Lord of Karma. We are presented with the opportunity to transform our outdated patterns.

 While Scorpio presents themes of death, loss, betrayal, transformation, redemption, and transmutation, dangerous poisons are alchemically transformed into helpful medicine. This is about shifting our perception into greater clarity with the sharp edge of truth on one side and the shield of intuition on the other.

 Taurus is the epitome of stillness, the silence before the storm. There is no use in moving a bull that doesn’t want to move. This is the power of stoicism, groundedness, and terrific tenacity. The steadiness of simplicity and using the basics to build a firm foundation The bull is not concerned about what is over the hill or in the sky. Its focus lies in the ground, where, in reality, its earthly roots live and thrive.

 Step by step, element by element, this is how we uncomplicate our lives and step out of the realms of over-idealism and stress. Ambitions can drain our energies if they are not grounded in practicality and deliberate action towards their actual attainment. The ability to actualize our dreams is what Taurus has to offer.

 Full moons can be very stimulating to the nervous system and cause all sorts of physiological abnormalities. The still energy of the bulls helps soften the powerful emanations of the moon. Relaxing us takes us deeper into the center of our being, to the heart of the matter.

 Our intellect and capacity to love are about to undergo a revolution. Our minds and hearts are opening to the wonders of enlightenment and liberation as we remember our inner sacred flame that burns deep and connects within each and every being.

 Saturn (Chronos) challenges us to keep the idea growing and flowing towards your true life purpose. As we move further into the mysterious strings of existence, let the ground hold you as the winds of change shake and gentle streams of infinity fire awaken. Enjoy the unknown and its soft mellowness. I’ll see you on the coast, rising overhead on thoughts of gold.

- Merlyn Mugen





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