Tiger's Eye


Tiger's Eye helps us to perceive the energetic field of Nature Spirits more clearly. As it has a high iron content it also increases the amount of light in our body. This enables the Nature Spirits to "see" or sense us more easily as well.

It can be worn, carried in a pocket or put somewhere in our environment. It is very useful to add to grids when you wish to connect more fully to the Earth element in nature. It also has a fiery aspect to it's nature, so it is a good interchangeable stone to use for multi-purposes in a grid of medicine wheel, etc.

If you choose to connect to the "fiery" aspect of Tiger's Eye, it will help to boost your confidence and self esteem.

**Available in small to large sizes. Tumbled only currently.

Info by Cosmic Soul Seeds
The above information was channeled directly by Jacqui, a Cosmic Soul Searcher, earth healer, light worker, and crystal expert. If you are going to reproduce this text elsewhere, please be sure to credit us so that the source is not lost.