Blossoming Hearts Love Potion #3


Blossoming Hearts Love Potion #3

 Blossoming Hearts Love Potion # 3 is lovingly crafted with exotic and sacred plant ingredients, including plants with sensual and relaxing, nourishing, energizing and aphrodisiac potencies, and includes two essential healers for our hearts: the nourishing and nurturing Sacred.

Mothers and allies that have been with us since time immemorial; Blue Lotus and Red Rose.
Overall, its nature and action is adaptogenic and activating and stimulating to sensual and sexual
fiery passion and flowing juiciness; the erotic Yin+ Yang of love

Blossoming Hearts Love Potion # 3 Nourishes and activates all phases of lovemaking: Desire,
Plateau, Orgasm and Afterglow. It inspires fiery passion and flowing juiciness.

Blossoming Hearts Love Potion #3 may be beneficial for the following:

  • Relieves chronic stress
  • Fatigue
  • Impotence or weak erection
  • Low desire
  • Weak orgasms,
  • Nourishes lubrication.
  • Dosage:
    5 to 10 drops before bed or intimacy, or whenever relaxation or a deeper heart connection is desired.

    Flavour Notes: 

    Full-bodied spicy bitter-sweet excitation and exhiliration.


    • May cause drowsiness in high doses.
    • Contains honey, so diabetics should be mindful of this.
    • Not to be used by pregnant and lactating women
    • Best not to have if consuming large amounts of alcohol


    • Organic Mucuna Pruriens

    • Organic Pine Pollen

    • Wild-crafted Damiana

    • Organic Black Maca

    • Organic Ashwaganda

    • Organic Shatavari

    • Organic Cacao

    •  Reishi Mushroom

    • Panax Ginseng

    • Dang Gui

    • Ceylon Cinnamo

    • Chai Hu

    • Gokshura Tribulis Terrestris

    • Tu Si Zi

    • Raw Fynbos Honey and Camissa spring water

    • Tinctured using vodka. Created using a dual-extraction process of extracting first in alcohol, then in water. Then combining the two.

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    More amazing information:

    Blossoming Hearts was seeded and conceived in March 2021. Its creation was a response to, and
    was inspired by, synchronicities of the recent breakup of a six and-a-half year romance; my
    introduction to Plant Spirit Medicine through Steven Harrod Buhner, Pam Montgomery and
    Robin Wall Kimmerer; and the madness and confusion of the ‘pandemic’ and lockdowns. In
    2023 I made an awesome discovery in the writings of the Persian physician Ibn Sina (980 – 1037
    CE) (known as Avicenna in the west)! Ibn Sina is regarded as one of the most influential and
    significant physicians, astronomers, philosophers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age. He is
    the father of early modern medicine, and had a major influence of the development of GrecoArabian Unani-Tibb medicine. He identified a category of herbs which he called exhilirants,
    including red rose, saffron, lemon balm, tulsi and schizandra. These are plants that help to
    revitalize and inspire joy in our hearts when we are experiencing heartbreak, grief and sadness.
    Ibn Sina said that the soul is intrinsically attracted towards fragrant and sweet substances.

    I was in a state of deep grief and deep love, and was experiencing a reinvigoration of my passion
    for herbs and plants ‘’those that take care of us’’, through connecting to other herbalists and
    Plant Spirit Healing teachers. I realized that having an empathically open, soft and courageously
    loving heart is the medicine for our times. All of life is about relationship. And creating
    relationships with each other, Mama Gaia, Mother-Father God, and all of life, that are healthy
    and whole, is one of the essential meanings of our existence.

    Interconnectedness is the essential
    intrinsic nature of life. Yet, we experience so much loneliness, isolation and sadness from feeling
    emotions of lack of connection and other emotions like anger and grief that can be extremely
    challenging to process and integrate.

    Having such Heart is, in a sense, no easy task as we each
    carry our own traumas and ‘’inner jackals” (coined by Marshall Rosenberg developer of Non Violent Communication) as part of our conditioning.
    Blossoming Hearts is an aid to this heart-healing and -opening process. It should be used in
    conjunction with other relationship healing practices like Non-Violent Communication,
    HeartMath, Emotional Freedom Technique, Trauma Release Exercises, Tantric or intimacy building activities, Yoga, conscious dance, meditation, Shadow Work, singing mantra and
    medicine songs, relationship counselling, an active desire to cultivate romance, sensuality, love
    and intimacy, and so on.

    By living in the Garden of the Heart, we connect to and immerse in a river wisdom, flow and
    Divine Grace, where we are guided by synchronicity and serendipity and the Song of Life.
    Inspired by flowers and plants, in service to Love and you, I offer you Blossoming Hearts, from
    the deepest sincerity of my heart.

  • The dosage may be increased at your discretion.
  • Can also be taken three times per day.

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