Labradorite (Rough)


Protection from negative energy, Being True to your Authentic Self, Enhancement of Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance


The message that Labradorite holds for us is reflected in the stone's own physical appearance. On the surface it seems a uniform gray colour but when shifted into the sun to catch it's rays, it comes a shimmering iridescent rainbow of colours. It's key signature is "What lies beneath".

Labradorite helps us to hear the voice within, thereby establishing a connection to our own inner teacher and inner knowledge. It carries the elemental energy of water and spirit and enables us to find the hidden depths within.

This allows us to be ourselves and walk our own path in life. If we feel disconnected from our inner 'self', wearing or carrying a piece of Labradorite in a pocket is a wonderful remedy for this feeling of being "lost" or uncertain about who we are or what our purpose is here on Earth. It can also be placed in a grid for this use.

It is also an effective stone to use for "camoufloging" our energy field. Unhelpful or unwanted energy forms will not be able to "see" or "sense" us if we use it with this intent. However it will allow our energy field to be perceived by "energies" it is our intention to attract.

Labradorite is a wonderful stone for both beginners and experienced crystal users alike. IT will keep unlocking mysteries and revealing more layers of our deeper consciousness to us as we continue on our journey here on Earth.

**Labradorite from Madagascar
Various sizes available. Ranging from R100-R500

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Info by Cosmic Soul Seeds
The above information was channeled directly by Jacqui, a Cosmic Soul Searcher, earth healer, light worker, and crystal expert. If you are going to reproduce this text elsewhere, please be sure to credit us so that the source is not lost.