Kratom (White)

Large doses of kratom can cause many serious side effects, including nausea, aggression, hallucinations, trouble breathing, and death. Long-term use has been linked with dependence and withdrawal symptoms similar to other opioids.

For your own care, we limit customers to a maximum of
two Kratom jars, and only one order within a 30 day period. We no longer sell Kratom in large quantities.

Organic white vein Kratom - grown in African soil, from Uganda



Grown in the nutrient rich lands of East Africa, a tree named ‘Kratom’, scientifically named “Mitragyna Speciosa”, grows leaves that have exceptional healing attributes like none other.

Found in the coffee family, the leaves of the Kratom tree are considered to be sacred and are used all around the world as natural remedial herbs to treat opiate addiction, relieve pain, lift mood, stimulate immune system and brings energy from within.

Apart from the general medicinal traits of the Kratom as listed above, it also has an abundant supply of potent antioxidant, minerals, and vitamins that make it healthy and valuable. Kratom does not contain any element or substances of any dangerous nature, so it gives you a big boost without any psychoactive effects. There are hundreds of different strains grown throughout Asia.

Kratom has a wide range of medicinal benefits including:
 - Pain relief
 - Anxiety
 - Mood enhancing
 - Increased cognitive function
 - Increases energy & focus
 - And much more

We mainly only recommend Kratom to those that have tried other plant medicines first for the above ailments, such as Cannabis, mushrooms, etc. Kratom should be used as a last resort.

We only use the highest quality Kratom available, wind dried and grown orgnically. We import directly from Uganda in East Africa. All of our kratom is lab tested for salmonella, e.coli, heavy metals and other foreign contaminants so not only is it 100% organic leaf material but you know that it’s safe to bring into your home as well – every single time. We do not use any additives or fillers. Only pure Kratom.

We have various sizes of Kratom available. We use glass jars to package our Kratom powder. This keeps the product as fresh as possible and we stay away from single use plastic. We encourage you to please reuse the bottle when you're done, remember that recycling glass all takes huge amounts of energy to do - so it's much better to reuse or even return to us if you take.



Mild: 1-2g
Moderate: 3-4g
Strong: 5-8g

Dissolve powder with a small amount of warm water or smoothie, drink and chase with something nice tasting. Best taken 30-60 min before food.


Please be advised: Similar to coffee, any stimulant can become a necessity in your life, so we advise using Kratom sparingly


Why we only have a few strains now:

Over the years of supplying Kratom, and getting Kratom from various suppliers around the world - we've discovered many things. Kratom is a very 'marketed' term, especially around the strain names. People claiming all sorts of things from different strains and very different effects too. Whilst this can be true, 99% of the case is dependent on where the Kratom is coming, what sub-species it is, how it is grown, and how it is dried. We've found a very reliable and high quality organic farm in Uganda that grow our Kratom, and have partnered with them to bring in their beautiful Kratom powder into South Africa. We've found by simply having green, red, and white - we're able to cover the different usage cases whilst maintain a steady flow of powder.


Past Strains we've had in stock (for interest sake):

Green Borneo White Maeng Da
Bali Gold
Red Borneo
Red Vein Horn
Yellow Maeng Da
Green Maeng Da
Green Vein Kapuas

Customer Reviews

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Lukasz Nowak
Magical plant medicine

Kratom is a powerful and very versatile plant medicine which can support you in many different ways. Its effects are more stimulating at lower doses and more relaxing at higher doses, while paradoxically providing both effects simultaneously and in perfect equilibrium (within reasonable doses). It's a mood enhancer, pain reliever, social lubricant and energy booster all in one. It's one of the most beneficial plants I work with.

It's great to see an African variety sold here (most comes from South East Asia) which matches the quality of the kratom sold elsewhere while being even more cost effective.

The colour of the strain supposedly determines the emphasis of the different effects, but I find that the dosage has a much bigger impact on the experience. Suffice it to say that all colours are great and beneficial.