Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp - Natural shape


The natural shape salt lamp! No two looks the same!

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp are made from pure crystalline salt sourced in the Himalayas. The lamp emits negatively charged ions as it warms up. These negative ions neutralise the electromagnetic radiation (positive ions) produced by your household electronics. They also help to purify the air, clearing away dust, pollen, allergens and smoke.

Here is some more info on what salt lamps can help with:

Our beautiful salt lamps are available in a range of sizes/weights:

  • Small: 2-4kg
  • Medium: 4.1-6kg
  • Large: 6.1-8kg
  • Extra Large: 8.1kg-11kg
  • Extra Extra Large 11.1kg-15kg

Note: The lamp uses a 15-watt pygmy globe with a screw-in fitting. Electrical lead included. 

Universal Vision was founded in 2004 in Cape Town, and initiated the first imports of healing Himalayan crystal salt into South Africa.

Customer Reviews

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I'm so in love with my lamp!

I bought the medium sized one which is about 23cm high. I really look forward to night time and I love the warm womb-like feeling the lamp eminates. I can't believe it took me so long to buy one!