Blue Lace Agate


Blue Lace Agate connects us to angelic energy and to the Healing Deva's of light. Connecting to the resonance of this stone will help to uncurl our own Angelic Light Body.

It works on the upper energy centers of the body and brings about a feeling of profound peace. It moves energy up towards our Crown and Third Eye and brings our attention to the energy radiating there (being activated there).

On a physical level it imparts a calming, soothing, gentle energy to the body. It aligns our centre core and gently brings our bones back into alignment.
Blue Lace Agate used in a body layout will literally melt away tension from the bones.

Blue Lace Agate relives anxiety, fear and tension from the heart. This is a very important signature of all agate varieties. It also relives "anticipation" anxiety when mediating. Often we are afraid that "nothing will happen" when we meditate or place stones in a layout for healing. Blue Lace Agate works to dissolve this form of fear.

It cools down over heated states of energy in our energy field and slows down over active processes. This applies to the physical, mental, or emotional. It can also slow overactive Spiritual growth, so that it comes into alignment with our physical needs and does not tire us out. Often we try to accelerate our Spiritual growth and "burnout" our physical bodies in the process. Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful "remedy" for this need to speed up our energetic evolution, and will make energy move more slowly and gradually into it's correct and desired state.

** Available in rough pieces. Small - medium sizes.

Info by Cosmic Soul Seeds
The above information was channeled directly by Jacqui, a Cosmic Soul Searcher, earth healer, light worker, and crystal expert. If you are going to reproduce this text elsewhere, please be sure to credit us so that the source is not lost.