Zero Waste & Plastic usage

When it comes to being zero waste & plastic free, you could say...we're EXTREMELY PASSIONATE about it.

At each and every stage of our shipping, manufacturing and business processes, we're very conscious of how much waste...and especially single use plastic we produce. Over the years, we've gotten pretty good at reducing this to an absolute minimum. We're constantly trying to do better and encourage our suppliers to do better too, and it works!

That being said, we've also extensively researched plastic alternatives, zero waste techniques and different energy consumption involved in various packaging.
This said, we've found that the best method for doing zero waste goods is to use brown kraft bags, made from discarded sugar cane and recycled paper.

So what about "biodegradable plastic" / PLA. This is a tricky on... For years we opted not to touch this stuff, most of it is more harmful to the environment that normal plastic. Most of it is not home composable, and requires industrial composting facilities only found in certain parts of the world.
In recent times, we've started using 100% home composable "eco bags", which we use for our items that can't go in brown bags when shipping (these items, such as Mesquite & Maca powder, are very sensitive to air exposure, and starting getting hard within a matter of hours, not ideal for sending via courier). We really encourage digging these deep in your compost pile so they can biodegrade over time (it may take many months for this to happen)

Anyway, this all said...we're really doing the best we can do, and evolving and changing to always put Nature & Earth first when it comes to our packaging.

TL;DR - To sum things up, we ship ALL our orders in brown kraft flyer bags, or brown boxes, sometimes opting for home compostable eco-bags. As much as possible we use recycled or upcycled material to protect goods in transit. We seal the boxes and bags with simple brown kraft tape.

This means everything is pretty much 100% biodegradable, and recyclable too.
Most of the time it's compostable (home compostable) too, depending on your compost bin. That was still used to make the bag during the manufacturing process of the packaging, and therefore we also encourage you to reuse the packing and paper bags as much as possible. Do what you can!

We have a specific range to help you on your zero waste journey... take a look at our zero waste products here