Woodstock Gin Ginger + Lion's Mane

Woodstock Ginger Infused Gin


with Lion's Mane Mushroom

You can feel it. The heat is in everything. Fiery arguments. Fights on the street corner. In the lovers’ kiss. It’s the fire that burns inside the people who call this home. A fire that was first lit in an old kiln off Searle Street. It’s a fire that burns so hot, no hardship, no difficulty, nothing the streets throw at them will ever put it out.
The old kiln at the top of Woodstock inspired 001 on Searle. With its fiery ginger notes, it was created to celebrate the fire that burns inside those who forged these streets and laid the foundations of all they would become.
It tastes like ... A surprising and complex gin where fresh ginger aromas leads to a delicate balance of citrus and juniper with hints of coriander seeds and lavender.

How to BOOST with Lion's Mane

Woodstock Ginger Infused Gin is forged in the fiery passion in the streets
of Woodstock and now tempered with Lion’s Mane mushroom tincture
for an elevated gin experience.

Instructions: Add 3-5 drops of Lion’s Mane tincture to your drink or directly under the
tongue and sip your way to a heightened drinking experience

Lion’s Mane has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting
properties and could even have a beneficial effect on brain health! Its
neuro-regenerative properties aid learning and memory.