Our Mothership

BaskloofBesides our work in the deep cosmos, Cosmic Bazaar also operates on Planet Earth, in South Africa. We're physically located on tippy tip of Africa, in Cape Point, this is where you'll find our depot (also called the 'mothership' or HQ by us CosmicBazaarians).

Our HQ is in a beautiful nature reserve, surrounded by natural fynbos vegetation, mountains and open skies - it's a real blessing to have landed up here.

It is here where we run Monday to Friday to keep the physicalities of the business running smoothly - from packing orders, to storing our stock, our HQ is the base of operations for our Cape Town team.

We'd love if you came to visit, we're open on Thursdays & Fridays to the public :) Pop in and have a smoothie or maybe we're even serving flapjacks that day - definitely ask ahead for the flapjacks though ;)

If you'd like to come visit, pop us a message and we'll send your our location pin and any more info you need. It's a bit tricky to find out spot, so just look our for the sign when on the road :)

PS. A few of us also live and work in the country side of the Eastern Cape, on a eco-village farm. Here we have one of our alchemy spaces where a lot of our magical products are created. Pop us a message if you're keen to visit - the farm is near the village of Haga Haga, close to East London.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Lots of love from the Cosmic Clan