Nov 21, 2020

Important info about our largest organ...our skin

Our skin is a sensitive to everything it comes into contact too! These days we are exposed to a lot of toxins, so our bodies and skin have to work harder to keep the bad stuff out.

Make sure you're not giving exposing yourself to too many toxins, especially in the form of synthetic soaps, shampoos, cleaning suppliers and other things that come into direct contact with the skin. Use natural soaps instead!

It's also common now days to use an excessive amount of fash washes, conditioners, hand cleaners, food deodorizers, and who knows what else! This is is very unnecessary, and our skin takes a big toll constantly having to elimate the toxics that are found in many of these products. Remember, if your skin and body was healthy, the companies that supply these products would be out of business...most of the mass produced products found these days are made to disrupt your normal skin and body functions, so that you're hooked into using them forever. Switch to natural, as nature intended!

When it comes healing cuts, bruises, pimples, sun burn, eczema, etc - don't use pharmaceutical + synthetic creams, use a natural one instead, such as our Canna Salve:

We have specially made our own skin care medicine, called Canna Salve. It is an all purpose healing cream that helps heal and restore balanced to your skin. Canna Salve also helps with with pain relief topical. It is made with only 100% natural and vegan ingredients. Can be used to treat various skin conditions (such as eczema, burns, cuts, psoriasis, etc) as well as muscle aches and pains (arthritis, cramps, inflammation, migraines, etc). Safe for children & animals too :)