The Mothership has landed

Nov 06, 2021
We have landed on new grounds! With much gratitude and excitement, we have moved our headquarters to Baskloof in Cape Point. With co-existence and deep nature connections having always been our core ethos, we are absolutely in awe of finding this new space for Cosmic Bazaar... More info to follow soon and many new adventures and opportunities await!! So much love to all our friends and customers, we are keen to invite you here soon!

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  • Oh wow! Just received my very first order today. I am so impressed with so many things about you. The service, the quality, the environmetally friendly packaging, but I have to mention the handwritten welcome note and goodies that just absolutely made my day. I FEEL at home. Thank you so much for that and all these wonderful products available. I will definitely become a regular!

    Marlize Kirchner
  • Sins iv been using your Sativa in 2018 i was cures of lymphoma cancer in 4 months while almost dyeing from the chemo but iv been clear for 2 years now and also beet covid 4 times. Thank you for such a good product. I still have the skin cancer on my ear and used the canna extra strength balm but i guess i need a stronger one if you could mix for me. I have also primoted and given to all my friends and they also love the product so thank you and God Bless

    Benardo Pascucci
  • I’ve just ordered some cbd oil. I visited your shop in Glen cairn and absolutely love what you are doing for the planet

  • Would love to visit you as I’m in Scarborough for a few days

    Elana Rabinowitz

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