Solar Eclipse Energy - 14 December 2020

Dec 15, 2020
Solar Eclipse message for the 14th December 2020

Evolve. Become the Future of Humanity. Become the Future Human Being.

The Solar Eclipse of the 14th of December 2020 brings with it a very powerful opportunity for mankind to evolve out the current Dark Age and into a bright new Future. A Solar Eclipse always has an effect on the Earth's electro magnetic field. This creates a passage in time through which we can send a powerful, positive and united wave of intention which will break onto the shores of the future.

Our planet, our civilizations and our own lives go through tremendous cycles of activity/inactivity, growth/decline and creation/destruction . A Solar Eclipse always occurs at a New Moon and when the Moon lies between the Earth and the Sun. A time of temporary darkness as the sun is hidden from sight and the night sky is devoid of the Moon.

When we are in the dark, both literally and figuratively, a larger amount of our more instinctual human nature involuntarily rises to the surface. We are naturally afraid of the dark and what it holds. We feel more confident in the light and more vulnerable in the dark.

Past civilizations saw Eclipses as a sign of doom and impeding disaster. Displeasure of the Gods and perhaps the actual end of the World. They were never quite sure if the Sun would rise again.
Out of fear and driven by mass hysteria they would seek to find a scapegoat or some external event or individual or group to blame for the Gods displeasure . They would devise methods to appease the Gods and offer sacrifices or hunt down the "evil" doers so that life might continue as normal.
They were usually incited to do this by a religious leader or order which spread rumors and information to the tribe, community or township. The inhabitants of which were eager to listen and follow orders so that life could continue.

These "cataclysmic " events and our reactions to them remain embedded in our DNA and human gene pool. We cannot be human and not have this genetic ancestral memory somewhere inside our instinctual brain.
The events of the last 12 months, with the Covid 2019 virus spreading across Earth has undoubtly been a year of "darkness" and an opportunity for panic to spread. We have all looked for answers as to where the virus came from, how it spread, what exactly it was and who was to blame for it in the first place.
Does this sound familiar ? Always looking for the source of the disaster outside of ourselves. To seek to blame a country, government, organization, business. Anyone we can say was responsible for this disaster and what are "they" doing to fix it. We listen to rumors and false media. We believe in conspiracy theories and seek to name and blame. Is it because we do not want to acknowledge that we ourselves as individuals, through our choices and actions, may in some small way be responsible for what has become a global pandemic?

We all need to understand that our daily actions and choices are responsible for the health of not only ourselves but our planet and environment. If rainforests are destroyed to meet the growing demands of humanity for food and consumer goods, then we need to recognize if and how we contribute to this. If animals are driven out of their natural habit as it becomes slowly destroyed and polluted , and these wild animals come into contact with humans , bringing viruses and other pathogens with them, who do we "blame" for that.

Do we shop mindfully and with awareness. Do we eat local food and use local goods. Do we support local farmers and industry. Do we eat food flown from miles away across the planet. Do we travel excessively in motor vehicles or by aeroplane. Please think about this carefully. In what way are we responsible for Earth and our own future being under threat.

So what can we do to correct the imbalance and state of disharmony that exists on Earth right now. We need to make choices and decisions very wisely in the coming years. We need to see the year ahead , 2021, as an "adjustment". An adjustment to our habits , routines and even the way we communicate and what we communicate. To how we perceive our role on Earth. Are we merely consumers and bystanders or can we be catalysts for change. Can we help to change "the mass hysteria", the desire to seek out and name and blame, the "witch hunt", fight or flight, ancestral DNA of man kind when faced with "darkness" or the unknown.
Yes we can.


With united intention we can reverse the fear based and irrational consciousness of the past.
Our enlightened Human Spirit can make empowered choices with a rational mind and an open, fearless heart.

Let us all then focus our awareness and consciousness on becoming the Future of Humanity.
Let us become the New Human Being.
Let us join together at the time of the Solar Eclipse and send a positive, loving force field of energy to the Future Earth and all its inhabitants.

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