Newness for 2023

Jan 24, 2023

The first new moon of the year kicked off in the realm of Aquarius on 21 Jan 2023, at 10:53 p.m.

We may have our heads in the clouds, so let’s take a moment to ground the excitement that the stars have in store for us all.

A new moon is defined as an alignment or conjunction between the sun and moon, which is a very notable and imminent aspect in astrology. The new moon will always be the same as the current sun sign, just in case you were wondering.

 It's that time of year again when we can delve deep into our inner essence and set our intentions for the life we want to attract. This is the space where the subconscious is closest to the fields of consciousness; thus, we have an opportunity to bring our deepest desires to life.

Take a second to reflect on your purpose and do some soul exploration. 20 minutes of uninterrupted silence and meditation can do wonders. Light a candle to show the universe you mean business! You may even want to write your intention out on a piece of paper and place it under a clear, transparent glass of water to magnify and crystalize its effects (think of the cup-bearer). Anything written has passed through the mental (astral) plane and into the physical (material) plane.

 Aquarius is represented as Ganymede (one of the moons of Jupiter, funny enough), a shepherd boy who Zeus abducted and turned into a cup-bearer for the gods. When Zeus isn’t womanizing, he's turning innocent little shepherd boys into slaves, a classic Zeus move.

In Sumerian culture, Aquarius was said to bring about a global flood (possibly connected to the story of Noah). Conversely, most of the stars that make up Aquarius refer to prosperous fortune. 

 The essence of Aquarius is "I know." Us being in the age of Aquarius is the equivalent of saying we are in the age of knowing, or better yet, the information age. This fixed air sign has the capacity to stir a hurricane of new revelations and bring about the wisdom of the gods (think of dear Ganymede). It's also the ability to connect our heads and hearts because the cup contains water (or, more likely, wine), which represents our emotions.

 I would say for this reason that Aquarius is probably the most grounded of the air signs, not to mention that its energy is fixed. We also get a sense of the bearer's rebellious and innovative nature. We may feel inclined to step out of our norm and go against the grain. As we enter the year of the water rabbit in Chinese astrology, there is an intriguing connection with the death of John F. Kennedy (a true innovator and rebellious leader) in the year of the water rabbit. The lesson here is to stand in your truth and never back down to fear or guilt. We all deserve to take up space and feel larger than life; remember that.

 Check your inner dialogue at this time. It is a powerful time to transform negative mental chatter into positive, enriching words of self-love. You are the infinite potential of the stars, made whole by the blossoming of your heart's true call. This is especially pertinent as Pluto enters Capricorn, which brings up trauma to be unwoven from the fabric of our existence.

 Jupiter also has something to say as it sextiles the sun-moon conjunction, reminding us that we can expand beyond the confines of limiting beliefs and outdated patterns. This is the story of self-actualization through the process of divine revelation.

 Mercury, the trickster, also seems to be coming out of its retrograde and will station directly in Capricorn on 18 January, giving us the space to communicate effectively and think clearly. This is a truly auspicious time to think outside the box.

 Lastly, Venus conjuncts Saturn, arousing in us the desire to cultivate beauty in our lives and see where beauty can be invited in. It challenges us to look at the aspects of ourselves that we deem ugly or distasteful. Through acceptance of "what is," we can integrate our shadow perception of ourselves into a healthier whole being.

This dawning of consciousness can be further enhanced through our microdose mushroom kits that plug us into the central intelligence network of nature. They are known for their ability to catalyze neurogenesis of the brain, which is the transformation of our brain state into higher cognition and functioning. This means better memory, communication, critical thinking, and reasonable deduction. Microdose kits have been utilized in modern psychiatry to treat anxiety, depression, and stress with wonderful success.

 The Chinese New Year officially kicked off on January 22, 2023. The Year of the Water Rabbit. The Sign of the Rabbit in Chinese astrology is connected with longevity, peace, and prosperity.

The beginning of a Rabbit year is regarded as a sign of Hope in Chinese culture. The personality of the Rabbit is vigilant, Witty, Quick minded and ingenious. Thus it is most likely we will be met with situations in life that will call on us to engage these aspects of ourselves.

The year of the Rabbit combined with the element of water, will bring some extra movement into the field of the Rabbit. This year will most likely bring great opportunities for learning, we may also see an expansion of our ambitions, and a general sense of curiosity of the world arise within us.

With the Element of Water comes the element of unpredictability, so we should be ready for for some surprises and get comfortable with the uncertainty in the world and our personal lives. 2023 is a great time to focus on our professional development and work towards advancing ourselves in our work.

The Rabbit is a great networker with its elaborate underground tunnel systems. Now is a great time to take advantage of networking opportunities for professional advancement.

Take time to develop networking opportunities in business, as well as developing good relationships with people in your workplace.

With the Rabbit, there is also a flair for creative talents to develop, take on those creative artistic projects.

Expand your artistic skills. Lastly, always remember selfcare amongst all the movements and developments happening in and around you. Remember to relax and take it easy now and again.

The tendency of the rabbit is to be trustful in its nature, thus it is important to take note of potential pitfalls and harmful situations. With the Rabbits nature, it is easy to find oneself walking into scams and frauds if one is too trusting. When a situation or deal seems too good to be true, make sure to give it a good look before signing or committing to anything.

 The sign of Aquarius brings with it change, movement, inspiration, Luck and Love.

If it feels like your year has been off to a slow start, if you feel like those new year's resolutions are taking a little too long to get moving.

Know that now is the time for change. Aquarius, brings with it a much quicker and progressive energy than the previous Capricorn which we have been hiking up the mountain with at a very slow pace.

Aquarius likes to just fly up in a fraction of the time. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of Originality, rebellion, freedom and Innovation.

We can expect ourselves and others to be a bit more daring this time of the year. Expressing ourselves in rebellious ways, and being a bit more courageous, breaking some rules and being out of the box with our actions.

It is also a great time to use our creativity to achieve our goals. The answer may not always be obvious but the Aquarius will find a way that did not appear to be there in the first place.

In career and the working world, this is a great time to find a new Job, and if not a new job entirely, perhaps a change in your current work place. Networking is favorable this time, The Aquarius is social and enjoys working with others.

Get involved with ongoing tasks around your Job, do not fear to step out of your usual role and see what else needs doing. You could find yourself receiving an unexpected promotion or a new role by accident.

In friendship, we can find an impulse to go out and meet new people at this time, or they could just show up out of nowhere. Now is a favorable time to make new friends and new connections that could benefit our lives going forward.

Aquarius desires to clear stagnant emotional energy and move forward with a fresh breath of air. Aquarius is represented in the zodiac by the water bearer, which is a collector and sharer of water.

The water which symbolizes the emotional realms and psyche of man. Aquarius encourages us to work through our emotional blockages and also share our healing capacity with others.

Aquarius is all about creating an harmonious and healing environment in which all can thrive as individuals within the collective.

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