New Moon & Scorpio Season

Oct 27, 2022

It’s Scorpio season, folks!

Time to dive deep into intensity, intuition, and our delicious desires.

 The New Moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio occurs on 25 October, 2022, at 1:48pm SAST.
A solar eclipse happens when, at just the right moment, the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. In the flames of tenacity, we purge old stagnant patterns in our relationships.

Mars turns retrograde this week, causing the scales of karma to balance out and dish out "just desserts" for everyone. You may get a universal slap on the bum if you have been acting out of alignment recently. Alternatively, you may be rewarded by spirit with warm hugs for your deliberate persistence.

 The choice is ours at this time whether to stay in toxic relationships or use this "ruthless" Scorpionic energy to cut away the cords that tie us to mediocrity and abuse. It is truly a wonderful time to stand up for yourself and speak your unadulterated truth. This includes negative relationships with food, drink, substances or even peculiar thought patterns. It's a ripe moment to confront stagnating emotions like guilt, sorrow, anger, envy, or resentment. Let them go into the flow of the universal current that sweeps us into the iceberg of the scorpion.

 It is dark, the stage is set to shine, and with one foot we step on it. Venus in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to love our shadow selves with a Venus star point occurring on 22 October 2022, which will assist in bridging the polarities of intensity and harmony. Themes around love, relationships, wealth, and creativity will be heightened and cosmically prioritized. With our intuition, we can feel guided in the realms of intimacy. Especially if there is a sense of uncertainty or untrustworthiness in the relationship.

 Mars in Gemini ends its square with Neptune in Pisces. This is where the assertive intellectual mind can get lost in the fantasies of imagination and illusion. Our thoughts may be focused on the abstract, as opposed to the realistic. We move from linear to lateral thinking. We are asked to remain grounded in our heightened idealism.

 Scorpio invites us inside ourselves to step into introspection. Like the bear in the cave, we are given a moment of rest/hibernation while the storm of winter blows furiously over. Scorpio is the iceberg. There is so much more going on than what appears to be on the surface level. Like the scorpion sting, ice also stings. The crystallization of water that glimmers forth in pristine clarity is the gift of the scorpion. "I go down deep to re-emerge transformed and inspired."

 Saturn (the father of time) ends its retrograde as well, while Jupiter enters Pisces, expanding the realms of our grandest imaginations. Mercury in Scorpio lends itself to the deeper exploration of the wild, intuitive sides of life. This allows us to sense hidden messages within our bodies and those around us. Scorpio is the master of secrecy. The mastery is the ability to keep its valuable gold or find other hidden treasures.

So this new moon energy must make you hyper-focused on doing what you enjoy - Full Stop.

That feeling extends to your work-life. Are you exited about your contribution to your workflow? If not, maby it's time to look around just to see what else excites you.

On the love front, you'll take some time to ponder over your romantic life. Take some time to have a hear-to-heart with yourself to see what's up.

Scorpio Season, started on  October 23 and ends November 21. The key themes that express themselves through the sign of scorpio is Intensity, Magnetism, Sexual and Creative energy & Curiosity.

 Scorpios can be seen as perceptive, intuitive, seductive individuals. They often have gifted minds that can get to the bottom of things and solve those unsolvable problems. This often goes hand in hand with their desire to seek out all that is hidden. If there is a case that is seemingly impossible to crack, best to find your scorpio friend and keep them close.

 Scorpio is the Sign of constant transformation, Scorpios are the Phoenix rising from their own ashes. They tend to draw themselves into situations and circumstances which lead them into a death process. Thus scorpios are constantly experiencing within themselves a process of death and rebirth which will lead them catalyzing change, healing, and self discovery at a rate faster than any of the other Signs. This can be a difficult energy for them to manage and not all Scorpios will master this process, some will rise to the occasion and become the Eagle, others will be beaten by it and remain in the underworld as the scorpion.

 People who have mastered their Scorpionic lessons can become incredibly wise individuals, and those who have not, can become clouded and overwhelmed by their desires, seductive drama’s and emotional disturbances. The reason for the intensity and difficulty can be linked to the two ruling planets of the sign, the two most intense planets in the zodiac, Mars and Pluto. Mars is the planet of action, it prompts us to feel desire, to fight and Conquer. Mars in Roman times was the God of war. Whereas Pluto rules the Cycle of Death and rebirth and transformation. Thus with Scorpio there is always an element of changing, whether it be their views and outlooks on life. Or their physical reality, or the way they feel. They are under constant evaluation of themselves, those around them and life itself.

 The Scopio energy is very goal driven, with a thoughtful and strategic approach to life. This makes them excellent at business, thus making the Scorpio season a great time to start new business projects. It's also a great time to look within already established businesses to comb out any imperfections. Scorpios have a great eye for this. This is also a great time to look into one's own finances, where is your money going and what is it doing for you. With scorpio there is an emphasis on energy exchange and money is a source of energy. Where are your financial exchanges serving your growth and well being and where are they draining you.

 As I have stated above they same applies in your relationships, what is the exchange like? How do you feel when you engage with your loved ones and friends? What is the energy exchange like? It is likely that hidden and forgotten problems will surface in the time of Scorpio. This is not something to be scared of though. As with Scorpio there is always the gift and opportunity to transform a situation. It doesn't always have to seem like doomsday, even though it can at first when we run into problems with loved ones. See these darker discoveries as an opportunity to shine light onto them and transform them with love. On the flip side of that you could also notice wonderful and magical things you forgot about. Maybe you realize what you thought to be a bad situation is actually much better from the Eagle eyes view.

 In relating, the scorpio energy brings about sexual desires like none of the other signs. Deep and meaningful sexual experiences are what the scorpion is seeking. None of that easy going casual stuff. Scorpio wants to become one with the other, they will take you deep into places you have never ventured before. There could be highly intensified attraction in relationships at this time, obviously. Just be sure that the desire comes from a good place in your soul before acting on it. Try not allow lower desires to overwhelm higher intuition as with Scorpio there is a strong impulse for both these possibilities. As the saying goes Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Written & Compiled by Merlyn, David & Nalaee


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