New Moon and Earth Base Chakra Shift

Jun 12, 2018

The New Moon dawns at 9.43pm (CAT - Central African Time) on Wednesday the 13th of June and occurs a week before the time of the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere (21 June 2018).

This months New Moon coincides with the magnetic shift of the Base Chakra in the Earth's Etheric Field.

These magnetic Etheric Field shifts are an ongoing metamorphic process and as the Earth's Base Chakra began realigning, the energetic field of own Base Chakra has been effected.

Many of us have experienced increased levels of stress, tension and anxiety, of processes beginning which do not seem to be completed, of time speeding up or running out, of relationships being tested. All of this leaves us feeling generally unsettled and undecided, insecure about the present and the future, of where we belong and what our role in life is really about.

These issues and many more are related to the Base Chakra, which when functioning well, gives us a feeling of stability and security. It provides a good sense of Self, our place in the World and the ability to make decisions based on our Authentic Being.

The Earth's Etheric Base Chakra which is normally buried deeply within the Crystalline Etheric Inner Core, has risen or shifted to the Outer Surface Etheric layers of Earth, far closer to our physical bodies and carrying with it a vast amount of Pure Crystalline Light and Creative Force.

What does this mean for the Earth and Ourselves? Light from the Earth will be streaming into our Solar System and the Cosmos at an accelerated and amplified rate, carrying with it the seeds of potential Creation. Everything we think, say and do will now be amplified, energized and combined with Earth's Energetic Light to reverberate through time and space. Now is the time for true mindfulness and awareness of our thoughts and actions. This is an evolutionary change for the Earth and Human kind and we need to be a conscious part of this process. The Earth and its inhabitants are evolving together. Together we are becoming the new Human Being and the New Earth.

In order to rebalance our own Base Chakra's and come into resonance with this change, we need to consciously connect to the Earth's Base Chakra which now lies so close beneath our feet. We can do this with meditation, by walking on the Earth with mindfulness, and centering and grounding ourselves with crystals, medicinal herbs and healthy food. Hematite, or any stone including Hematite is a good stone to use to connect us to the Earth's magnetic field. Also Selenite and Kyanite will centre us and provide a bridge between ourselves and the Earth's Etheric field for energy to travel across. We have an excellent meditation for you too, which is a wonderful way to connect to the Earth and the Cosmic Light. Find it here:

Tissue salts are a wonderful way to take in vital cellular Earth and Light energy. Ferrum Phos and Silica are both excellent for the Base Chakra. They are strengthening, stabilizing and supportive to our physical body. Ferrum phos (or Iron) occurs naturally in parsley, dandelion, sesame seeds, garlic, chives and stinging nettle. Kelp, spinach, lentils, apples, lettuce, almonds are all high in Ferrum phos. Dandelion, stinging nettle, horsetail (equisetum) and comfrey are also high in Silica. Once again spinach, lettuce, apples and lentils are high in Silica. Also the tall grains such as wheat, maize, barley, oats, buckwheat and rice contain Silica.

Please also remember to plant a seed or two whenever you can.  Wherever you are. In a garden, in a pot or walking through a park. These seeds will bring the Light from the Earth to the Surface and carry a new vibration for future generations of the New Earth. Please share Seeds with friends and family if you can. The more seeds that are planted now the better.

To return specifically to the current New Moon, it will definitely be a time to focus on Base Chakra issues such as home and stability and relating to those around us. At the moment the Sun is in Gemini and the New Moon will also fall in Gemini on Wednesday, with Mercury moving from Gemini into Cancer. So there is a big emphasis on communication and home. Home will become more important to us and how we relate to our homes. On a macrocosmic scale the Earth is our home and how we communicate with it and exchange energy with it will be vitally important.

We all need a safe space to communicate our feelings, thoughts and needs and the Earth provides that safe space. That safe space is our Soul and Bodily home.

Please take a while to think about and send energy to all the homeless people on Earth, who are often victims of circumstance, which could quite easily be ourselves in their position. They are deprived of a safe place to feel at home and express and communicate their ideas and feelings.

And please think of the animals who are homeless and need our love and care as well.

The numerological vibration for the 13th of June is number three. This represents the joining of energy in harmony and the Tarot card belonging to this number is The Empress and her minor card counterpart is the Queen of Disks/Pentacles.

Both these cards represent perfectly the energy of the New Moon and our connection to the Earth and the Cosmos. Both woman sit with their feet and energy connected to the Earth but also joined to the Cosmos. The Empress wears a Crown decorated with 12 Stars. Each star representing one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The Queen of disks holds the disk in her hand and gazes at the Earth, but her cloak curls around her in a shape representing the Cosmic Snake or Ouroboros.

Thank you to all the Soul minded, Heart centered and Earth conscious people reading this.

Take care of yourselves and our home, Planet Earth. Gaia.


We'd like to personally thank Jacqui for the above channeled information and for all her help. We wouldn't be here today without her.

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