Introducing Cosmic Rewards

Aug 25, 2023

It's been a while since we've touched base after our relaunch 6 months ago!
We've been working on some amazing new additions, products and going through our own transformations within the Cosmic Clan.

Today, we are officially launching our new Loyalty and Referral system:

Cosmic Rewards

This new system, powered by, revolutionises the way our loyal customers get rewarded for supporting us. We really want to give back to those who regularly make orders with us, in a simple, easy and effective way.

This new system rewards customers as they spend, the more you order, the more rewards are given. The base of this reward system is ₵osmic ₵redits. These Store Credits can be used just like a gift code, allowing customers to discount their orders with their "credit wallet".

Cosmic ₵redits can be earned in a few different ways:

When placing an order:

  • Any order amount! Get 1% back in ₵osmic Credit
  • Buy over R1000. Get 2% back in ₵osmic Credit
  • Buy over R3000. Get 3% back in ₵osmic Credit
  • For every R5000 you spend...* We'll give you up to 5% of your total spend back in ₵osmic Credit! As your lifetime spend goes up, you get more % :) *Tiers vary as spend increases.

Or when referring a friend with your unique link:

  • They get 10% of their order back in ₵osmic Credit
  • You get 10% of their order value back in ₵osmic Credit!

Everything works out of the box, and most of it is fully automated, so there isn't much for you to do. If you want to have a look or find out more, click on the Cosmic Bazaar icon on the bottom left of your screen, or go to this link

Our New Affiliate & Ambassador Program

In the past we've struggled to keep track of sales and commissions generated, and differentiate from customers that earn store credit, vs those who want to earn real money.

With our new system, we'll be able to keep tracking of loyalty customers, affiliates, and ambassador separately, assuring that the appropriate support and care is given to each person.

For added clarity, Affiliates & Ambassadors are specifically for those that are in deep resonance with Cosmic Bazaar, and wish to create a mini business by marketing our platform and products.

To find our more, head on to our new Affiliate & Ambassador page.


We're super excited to be launching these new features, and trust this new way of rewarding loyal customers and those whom support us so much, will be well received.

Stay tuned for more newness as we approach Spring 2023!

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