FULL MOON 10 September 2022

Sep 28, 2022

Row, row your boat down the stream; life is but a dream.

 The veil thins and the illusion begins. We shift from the analytical side into the metaphysical, represented by the shift of the Virgo-Pisces new/full moon axis. Neptune sings the rising tune of subconscious elements bubbling to the surface of our waking mind. A piece of Pisces advice would be to journal the journey of your dreams, as they may be extra vivid or lucid at the moment. In Jungian psychoanalysis, our psychology is revealed to us through the symbology of the unconscious; it is the inner truth that is free from the seeming bias of the conscious mind.

 The mystery is a shroud on the reality of things as Neptune continues its retrograde stride. According to the Dao, we have three minds: the head, heart, and gut mind. While things appear to confuse the head-mind, we are asked to trust our intuition and instincts. This is where the heart and the gut mind reside.

 We have the alluring Venus moving into Virgo, the planet of love, relationships, and finance. Virgo epitomizes the aspects of service, radiant health, and devoted discipline. Together, they allow us the space to spread our love for one another in acts of service. Giving loved ones a back-rub if they feel stressed, a friend a receptive ear, or helping out an employee with a work task—all fall into the domain of this astrological aspect.

 Virgo wants to serve, and Venus wants to love. Together we have unconditional devotion; sensibility meeting sensuality. The paradox here is that analytical lines of communication will be the hot topic while the world shows us the shortcomings of reason in the illogical flow of chaotic change. What is true one day is not the next, ultimately surrendering itself to the absolute. Change, being the only constant, is the shoreline of our experience. Without that, we are lost in the still sea of stagnation. "Flux and flow" is the Pisces motto.

 Sink into the synchronicity of divine timing while navigating the amazement of life’s labyrinth. Inconvenient twists and turns can get you closer to your soul's call; just follow the watery embrace of this full moon guiding in the darkness of night.

Pisces' passion and essence is "I want," which is the essential characteristic that drives human existence beyond our basic needs. We dream of what we want or of what we fear. This leads us to the final epitome of the swirling two fish chasing their tails: the cycle of life (Aries) and death (Pisces). The sunken ship is where mysteries bend in the whirlpool of the dancing stillness. In death's sweet dream, we surrender to the tranquility of deep sleep and rise above to make-believe.

 As a final caution, Mercury retrograde has begun in Libra from the 9th of September. We may be overly sensitive to the emotional field at this time, but we may be provided with the opportunity to express it unadulterated by the judgements and perceptions of others. Better out than in, they say. After all, we are given the space to begin again, in the innocence of being.

 - Merlyn



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