Cosmic Soul Seed Meditation

Jun 12, 2018

This is a meditation to do for New Moon and as often as possible, so that your Cosmic Light Body remains glowing and energized with Light.

Please note before you begin this meditation.
There is no need to rush through this meditation. Take as long as need to experience each part of the meditation fully. Take your time to breathe the Light fully and slowly into your body.
I suggest that if you have the time, you do it slowly and become fully relaxed with each in and out breathe.
Read through it a few times first. It is actually really simple but amazingly effective.
The meditation will become more powerful the more you practice it.

Sit, lie or stand in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breath's in and out. Don't force the breath. Breathe in and out at your own natural rhythm. When you feel ready begin the below meditation.

Image you are a small seed that is lying underground. You are lying deep in the warm, soft, dark moist soil. Sigh gently. Feel the soil below and around your body softly supporting you. Breathe gently in and out. Feel the ground envelope you. Sink into it.  Breathe gently in and out. As you do so relax and feel the tension and fear begins to melt off your skin. Breathe gently in and out again . The tension and fear begins to melt off your muscles. Sigh again and take  another breathe in and out and feel the tension and fear begin to melt off your bones. Slowly breath until you feel completely dissolved in the warm moist soil, and you feel completely relaxed.
Remain there for a few moments. Breathing gently and slowly.

A Sphere of Golden White Light will begin to appear in front of you. It is glowing and radiating with pure Light. This is the Soul of the Earth which has come to nourish you.
Feel this Golden White Light entering your body. Breathe it in. Feel it's warmth.

Breathe the light slowly up through your feet, up into your legs and slowly up into your spine. Breathe the Light up along the length of your spine and then into your lungs at your chest. Breathe slowly. Expand your lungs and fill them with this glowing light. Breathe it deeply in and exhale deeply. Breathe out the light. Every breath you inhale is filled with glowing light and every exhalation sends out the glowing light. Do this a few times.

Now breath the Light into your chest. Breathe slowly in and out. Begin to breathe the Light deeply into your heart. Feel your heart begin to fill and beat with this glowing light with each breathe you take . Each beat of your heart will begin to pulsate with glowing Golden White Light. Experience this for a moment. Feel the light pulsating out from your heart and into the Cosmos.

Now breath the Light further up your spine and out the top of your Crown , until it is a sphere  hovering just above your head. It is still glowing and radiating Golden White Light. A small green leafy bud begins to grow within this sphere of light. It is healthy and filled with energy.

The small green bud turns its face up towards the Great Central Sun. The Great Sun above the head of the bud begins to beam down Sunlight toward the bud . The light of the Bud becomes amplified and illuminated until the Sun and the Bud are one. Now your whole body is glowing and filled with Light. Hold the energy of this moment as long as you wish.  Feel the Glowing Golden White Light Expanding away from you and into the Cosmos but never becoming depleted. Always connected to the Source of Light.

When you are ready to become grounded to your physical body again, take a deep breath in and out. Thank the Earth and the Sun for nourishing and filling your Soul with light. Wriggle your fingers and toes and slowly open your eyes.

Whatever position you are in  - seated, lying or standing, bow your head gently down and close your eyes again. Fold the fingers of your hands loosely inwards to touch your palms, with your thumbs lightly resting on  your index finger (see pic here). With your fingers in this position bring your hands together so that the fingers and thumbs of both your hands are touching. Your hands held together like this will make heart shape which you can bring towards your chest at the position of your heart. Remain like this for a few seconds.

You will now be grounded to the Earth and the Light. As you walk upon the ground, Light will flow from you into the Earth. All plants, trees and animals you touch will be be filled with Light. You will truly walk upon the Earth as Light Beings.

Thank you.

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